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Order now for delivery on Tuesday 1 August, Wednesday 2 August or Thursday 3 August from this week's specials - depending on your delivery day. We've recently expanded our delivery regions which has meant some changes to existing days for customers outside the Hills District, North Shore and Northern Sydney - so if you're affected, find out your new delivery day here.

Roast chicken in oven
Chicken with White Wine, Mushrooms & Sage (Fresh)
Kaffir lime leaves
Pork and Kaffir Lime Curry (Fresh)
$21.00 +
Carrots and a white bowl with serving spoons
Hands-Free Hamburgers (Frozen)
$15.50 +
Fresh broccoli
Broccoli and Ricotta Cannelloni (Frozen)
Pasta in bowls
Pork & Fennel Ragu (Frozen)
$15.00 +
Chicken with olives and rosemary
Ligurian Chicken (Frozen)
Muffins in a baking tin
Lunch Snack - Carrot & Apple Muffins (Frozen)
$6.00 +
Dinner on the Table gift card
Gift Card
$30.00 +