Dinner on the Table exists to change your daily life.

We deliver delicious, healthy, family-style meals across NSW, the ACT, and VIC, and cater for your events across Sydney 

Let's face it, women are juggling: work, life, children and family.

We provide delicious, nutritious meals, just as if you'd made them yourself, for those days when there are just too many balls in the air.

We know that having your dinner sorted long before you want to eat it, means that daily life is just that little bit easier.


Founder. Recovering academic. In 2014 a passion for good food, good cooking, and meaningful support for people with disabilities got a little out of hand, and Dinner on the Table was born. Published extensively in disability and family research journals. Convinced that a good dinner can change your daily life and may just be a key to helping vulnerable families thrive. Mum of three sensational junior recipe testers. Used to grow brussels sprouts on the roof of her mum and dad's place. Looks like an orangutan when doing aerobics.



Head chef. Exceptional cook. Conductor and overseer of all things going in and out of the kitchen. Defines efficiency and speed. Creator of food both delicious to eat, and beautiful to look at. Cares about, cares for and encourages team members always. Identifies the strengths in others and brings out their best in the kitchen. Completely unflappable, always smiling. Calm under pressure, no matter how busy the kitchen gets. Father of one enormous canine. Able to reach the highest shelves without the ladder.


Ready made meals chef. Planner of meals production and systems ninja. Loves a maths problem and never needs paper or pencil to solve it. Extraordinary cook. Always seeking a challenge and rises to exceed it. Lover of good food, family & friends to share with. Able to manage production of multiple meals and simultaneously provide support to those she works with. Always seeks the wellbeing of others. Mother of two sensational junior recipe testers. Maker of the best hummus on planet earth.


Pastry chef. Dessert genius. Food as art, but never at the expense of deliciousness. Gladiator of speed and efficiency. Master of her craft and pursues excellence always. Thoughtful and systematic. Ever an inventor of new ideas, new flavour combinations and new ways to make sweets look even more beautiful. Recognises and encourages talent in others, and provides training to push them towards greater achievement. Mother of two sensational junior recipe testers. Ideas wizard.


Catering allrounder. Sandwich ninja. Maths extraordinaire. Master of systems and organisational structures. Memory like a steel trap. Customer service without fault. Able to discern a problem before it happens and implement a solution. Unperturbed by driving a large truck through a busy city. Lover of all canines. Always moving, always energetic. Sitting still never a preferred pastime.


Cook allrounder. Able to switch from savoury to sweet in a single bound. Quiet achiever, with boundless hidden talents. Passionate cook and creative. Fast learner and independent thinker. Generator of new ideas. Calm in all circumstances. Never done until the job is complete, and always striving to achieve more. Disability advocate. Devoted aunt of several sensational junior recipe testers. Crafter of beautiful, handmade gifts.


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We believe that, together, we can transform the way our society cares for women made vulnerable by disability.

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