Dinner on the Table exists to change your daily life.

We deliver delicious, family-style meals across Sydney.

Let's face it, women are juggling: work, life, children and family.

We provide delicious, nutritious meals, just as if you'd made them yourself, for those days when there are just too many balls in the air.

We know that having your dinner sorted long before you want to eat it, means that daily life is just that little bit easier.


Founder. Recovering academic. In 2014 a passion for good food, good cooking, and meaningful support for people with disabilities got a little out of hand, and Dinner on the Table was born. Published extensively in disability and family research journals. Convinced that a good dinner can change your daily life and may just be a key to helping vulnerable families thrive. Mum of three sensational junior recipe testers. Used to grow brussels sprouts on the roof of her mum and dad's place. Looks like an orangutan when doing aerobics.


Not the name on her birth certificate. Only her siblings call her by any other name. Trained chef, and holder of multiple jobs simultaneously. Chief bechamel maker. Completely unflappable (even when random kitchen equipment catches fire). Mum of two sensational junior recipe testers and disability advocate. The phrase "sit down and relax" does not exist. Gets on with it, rather than talk about it. Problem solver, no navel gazing. Never done until the job is.


Crackingly good cook and organiser. Can tell you exactly where four different dishes are up to any time you care to ask. Chief stock-taker and systems instigator. Only person on the team who has any idea how much ground fennel we have in the kitchen, and whether we need to order more. Mum of two sensational junior recipe testers and disability advocate. Hard core netballer - runs rings around the rest of the team in the kitchen.


Chief curry paste maker and spice blender. In charge of receiving all of our orders from suppliers. Preeminent vegetable counter and leader of our early morning planning meetings. Orchestrator of team vegetable chopping (because he always knows exactly how many of each belong in each dinner). Only team member who can reliably get the blue tooth speaker to work. Maestro as a result. Eclectic, and fabulous, taste in music.


Worst head shot we've ever seen! At the time of the photographs Tom was deep in HSC examination purgatory, and could not sacrifice valuable ATAR points for the paparazzi. Recent HSC graduate (congratulations Tom!) and commencer of tertiary education. Chief washer-upper. Exceedingly tall. Frequently, the pile of washing up to greet Tom when he arrives at the kitchen is taller. Never complains. Gets on with any job set before him. No procrastination. Great taste in music, and a connoisseur of modern poetry.


Juggler of all non-kitchen Dinner on the Table activities. Business strategist, captivated by the social good that business can achieve. Numbers master, people first. Always. Counsellor, psychologist, and inspirer. Website wizard, excel spreadsheet ninja. Mum of one sensational junior recipe tester (and a couple of much larger step-recipe testers). Has a book for every person, personality and situation. And knows when it was written, who wrote it and the inspiration behind the story. And has met the author. Laughs easily. Cries readily.

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We believe that, together, we can transform the way our society cares for women made vulnerable by disability.

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