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I don't think we necessarily need to celebrate ANZAC Day every time we want to eat Anzac biscuits. I'd like to eat them far more frequently than a single commemorative occasion each year.

In my household, the senior recipe tester, together with the juniors, are in charge of Anzac Biscuit making. To my great irritation, his are better than mine. And the junior recipe testers love to continually remind me.

Given we use the same recipe, it is a mystery I cannot fathom. The senior likes to point out that he sticks exactly to the recipe. When cooking at home, I am known to become a little more "artful".

I hasten to point out that I do not intend to sell you my somewhat substandard offerings, nor could I convince the senior recipe tester to do a few shifts in the kitchen to produce them for us. No, we have abdicated this responsibility to Christina, our pastry chef. Hers trump us both.

These biscuits will taste just like you cooked them yourself, because they have no preservatives and no unpronounce-ables.  They quite probably contain just the things your Nana used to make the ones you ate as a child.


Heating instructions

Defrost fully before eating. If you're packing these into a school lunch box, they can be packed frozen: they'll be defrosted by break time.


Ingredients: Flour, brown sugar, rolled oats, butter, coconut, golden syrup, water, bicarb soda

Contains gluten, dairy. May contain traces of nuts and other allergens.

Delivery detail

Delivered to your home frozen. Defrost and enjoy.

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