ready made home delivery meals featuring butter chicken on rice

Butter Chicken


I never thought I liked Butter Chicken. Butter is for fresh bread, or toast. The idea of buttered chicken is… well I'll leave it to you to decide what it is!

The problem with names is they sometimes misrepresent the named. What ‘Butter Chicken’ doesn’t describe is tender chicken breast, marinated in yoghurt, garlic and a multitude of fragrant spices, seared and then finished in a delicious tomato sauce with cardamom, cinnamon, fresh coriander and a little cream.

This is curry for beginners: a very small amount of chilli and loads of flavour. Delivered to your home frozen and ready for reheating, I am forced to conclude: butter chicken is delicious!

May contain traces of gluten. Contains dairy.

Ingredients: Chicken, vegetable stock, cream, plain yoghurt, butter, tomato paste, vinegar, garlic, garam marsala, ground coriander, ground cumin, paprika, cardamom, cinnamon, fresh coriander