Beef and Guinness Pie

Beef and Guinness Pie


I firmly believe that there has to be a place in one's life for a pie. But if we're to make room for such things (when we're busy enough already!), it has to be a good one! Do we not eat, nay suffer through, meat pies (nasty, expensive ones: stop eating those) at major sporting events throughout the year? Being from a family with a long cricketing history, I might confess to doing just that in the past.

Enough is enough.

Like its Chicken and Leek cousin, this pie is made fresh and frozen so the housemade pastry stays fresh.  Delivered to your home frozen, you can cook it in a moderately hot oven in around an hour, no need to defrost first.

So whether you like watching the cricket or you'd prefer to watch paint dry, it will be all the more enjoyable with this dinner: Slow cooked beef and veggies in a rich, delicious gravy all wrapped in housemade, savoury shortcrust pastry.

Contains: Gluten, dairy, egg. May contain traces of other allergens

Ingredients: Beef, tomatoes, plain flour, butter, carrot, onion, egg, celery, caster sugar, rosemary, thyme, bay leaf, breadcrumbs, salt, pepper