Sesame chicken balls being sprinkled with sesame seeds

Sesame Chicken Balls (Frozen)


This weekend we have served these to almost 700 people across a number of functions we have catered. They all got vacuumed up. But seeing as they were so incredibly popular, we sneakily saved some for you.

Asian inspired chicken balls are baked, rather than fried, and brushed and sprinkled with hoisin and sesame (I'll leave it to you to work out which is which). The salad that we previously served these with does not freeze... but the chicken balls certainly do, which is why we're offering them on their own for you to add your chosen accompaniment.

They make an excellent snack dipped in any number of Asian sauces you can think of, or warmed and piled on top of salad.

Ingredients: Chicken breast, chicken thigh, bread crumbs, egg, ginger, garlic, miso paste, soy sauce, maple syrup, hoisin sauce, salt, white pepper