Penang chicken curry

Penang Chicken Curry


The recipe this dinner is based on is one that came to me via Kate, who works in the kitchen. It came to her from Michelle (Bridges... you may know her?) Whether you're into transforming your being or not, you could easily get into this family friendly curry.

This dinner starts with Dinner on the Table's signature red curry paste to which we add coconut milk. Into this sauce we add premium chicken breast gently cooked with a bunch of crisp green veggies.

Delivered to your home frozen, this curry is gentle on the chilli, so should be appealing to a wide (or young) audience. On receipt, all you need to do is reheat gently, cook some rice and you'll have dinner on the table.

Contains peanut, and fish products. May contain traces of gluten and other tree nuts.

Ingredients: Chicken breast, coconut milk, broccoli, snow peas, peanut butter, brown sugar, fish sauce, tamarind puree, olive oil, chilli, shallot, ground and fresh coriander, ground cumin, mace, white pepper, lemongrass, galangal, lime zest, salt, shrimp paste