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Tortilla recipe
Bread is a big deal in my house. Warm, fresh, homemade bread is a bigger deal. I don't think we want to limit ourselves to eating these only with the Chicken Fajitas on this week's menu. I would eat these with Slow-Roast Pork too. I would also use them to mop up the juices of any casserole I can think to name, or for breakfast with honey.

Well, I'll be honest. I just like to eat them. And because I know you will too, here's the way to have some on hand.

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Sweating the cold stuff


I know that there is a recurring theme with my blog posts. But, in my defence, it seems to me that most problems in life relate to logistics; that is, the moving of people or things from one place to another. As I grow older I have come to consider the benefits of staying put. In fact I might be happy if I never had to move anything or anyone ever again.

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Chicken + Mushroom Stroganoff Recipe

Chicken and mushroom in a pan

Stroganoff is one of those retro sort of dishes that you think went out
with the fondue set. And then you eat it again. And then you realise that
perhaps overlooking it was a bit hasty.

In light of this, we've cooked some for you, and they're on the
Weekly Specials menu this week. But if you have some extra time on
your hands, and have a hankering for something delicious, comforting
and decidedly retro, here's our recipe:

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Relaxation and chilli sauce

Sausages on a BBQ

There are occasions that you wished you hadn't tried so hard to relax. In fact, sometimes it might be more relaxing not to relax.

We recently planned a lovely picnic for dinner. The junior recipe testers were particularly excited about it, as was the senior recipe tester and I. We were picnic-ing with extended family: there were sibling-type senior recipe testers to drink wine with, and plenty of junior cousins to play with. A relaxing evening all round.

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You asked for it...

 Dinner on the Table delivery van

We're always listening when you tell us how we can change your daily life. And you've told us that last minute dinners could really get you out of a bind! (We get it, we're last minute people too... one more than most. Not saying which one 😉.)

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Back to school...

Image of children's green shoes sitting atop a toy blackboard and some pencils

For me, going back to school means one horrifying, terrifying activity. For the uninitiated, I advise you to avert your eyes, to close your browser, to read no further. Nothing they tell you in antenatal classes will put you off parenting. Buying school shoes just might. Fortunately for our junior recipe testers, this dreadful activity precisely coincides with a time that it is too late to change your mind about being a parent. At that point, you can rarely give your children back.

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We're in the news...

Tomatoes, herbs and apron

We are so excited to appear in the Hills District Independent magazine this week.

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I don't want to get run over by a garbage truck

Image of green rubbish bag against a wall

I don't want to get run over by a garbage truck. My guess is, neither do you. And for this reason, if no other, we need to realise the importance of dinner.


The other week I was chatting with someone about how daily life happens in her house. She has a son with significant disabilities. In amongst the usual afternoon and evening activities found in a busy household, was dinner. No great surprise there. Except, as this woman explained, her son with disabilities needs to be fed. He is unable to eat his dinner on his own.

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I still don't get how...
Image of two children's toothbrush holders and a single toothbrush with no holder
Parenting's hard, but if I may be bold
There's a lot, 'fore we're parents, we're simply not told.
Like how little juniors, would seem without warning
To wake in the morning and promptly start bawling

And so 'twas our fate, the morn before last
One junior woke up and just gave us a blast
And right in that instant, confirmed all my fears
For an effortless morning, yep- a junior in tears...

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The force of force

Black and white image of steam on a black background

A force is any interaction with an object that, when unopposed, will change the motion of an object. Put another way, forces are the push or pull on an object. Heavy objects require greater force to move them than light objects. In short, you have to push or pull harder to get heavy objects to move.

I am so excited to tell you that we bought you an oven. The oven we had in the big kitchen is still perfectly serviceable. It was just getting a little on the small size for your dinners. The new oven is large. It is also heavy.

The senior recipe tester, being the kind and generous sort that he is, went to collect the new oven for you. For this task we hired a truck with a lifting device to overcome the significant downward force of the oven on the floor of the depot. A forklift lifted the oven into the truck for the senior. Lifting it out of the truck, and into the big kitchen, he had to sort out himself. We called a friend for backup...

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