Tortilla recipe
Bread is a big deal in my house. Warm, fresh, homemade bread is a bigger deal. I don't think we want to limit ourselves to eating these only with the Chicken Fajitas on this week's menu. I would eat these with Slow-Roast Pork too. I would also use them to mop up the juices of any casserole I can think to name, or for breakfast with honey.

Well, I'll be honest. I just like to eat them. And because I know you will too, here's the way to have some on hand.

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Chicken + Mushroom Stroganoff Recipe

Chicken and mushroom in a pan

Stroganoff is one of those retro sort of dishes that you think went out
with the fondue set. And then you eat it again. And then you realise that
perhaps overlooking it was a bit hasty.

In light of this, we've cooked some for you, and they're on the
Weekly Specials menu this week. But if you have some extra time on
your hands, and have a hankering for something delicious, comforting
and decidedly retro, here's our recipe:

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Hearty Meat Pie Recipe

Image of hearty meat pie

This week we've had the pleasure of cooking a new pie for our frozen favourites menu. Kate, who works in our kitchen, shared her Mum's recipe with us last week and we pronounced it delicious. So, this week we're cooking it for you! 

But if you have a little extra time on your hands and fancy a little pie-making, here's the recipe so you can make it yourself.

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Roast Pumpkin + Feta Salad Recipe

Pumpkin salad

We love sharing our recipes with you, and we think this salad makes a delicious accompaniment to many of our dinners.

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