Tortilla recipe


Bread is a big deal in my house. Warm, fresh, homemade bread is a bigger deal. I don't think we want to limit ourselves to eating these only with the Chicken Fajitas on this week's menu. I would eat these with Slow-Roast Pork too. I would also use them to mop up the juices of any casserole I can think to name, or for breakfast with honey.

Well, I'll be honest. I just like to eat them. And because I know you will too, here's the way to have some on hand.

This is fresh bread in that familiar, flat, tortilla shape. A caveat here: they are hand rolled and so do not have that machine rounded shape that you're used to. They are round(ish), but each has it's own... um, personality. Know that as well as lacking perfect roundness they lack preservatives, additives and numbers.

Once you've rolled these, you can either freeze them so as to have them on hand when you're hankering for fresh bread, or you can cook them immediately. Heat a dry fry pan and cook them the same way you would pancakes. A minute or two each side and they're done.

300g plain flour
1tsp salt
3g baking powder
60g olive oil
2/3 cup warm water

Mix flour, salt and baking powder together. Add olive oil and mix in mix master until combined. Slowly add water and continue mixing using dough hook until dough comes together. Or, you can mix by hand instead, it will just take a bit longer to come together.

Cover with cling wrap and allow to rest for 15-30 mins. Once the dough has rested, roll out thinly (we use 50g of dough for every tortilla) and then either freeze, with a sheet of baking paper between each tortilla to prevent them sticking together, or cook them immediately. Heat a dry pan and cook as you would a pancake, a minute or two each side should do. Yum!