School holidays and climbing the roof (but not the walls!)
A red and a blue door of adjacent terrace housesSchool holidays are, for me, a break in routine and a chance just to hang out. They're also a time to climb on the roof. I should point out that I didn't include that on my original school holiday plan...

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Hearty Meat Pie Recipe

Image of hearty meat pie

This week we've had the pleasure of cooking a new pie for our frozen favourites menu. Kate, who works in our kitchen, shared her Mum's recipe with us last week and we pronounced it delicious. So, this week we're cooking it for you! 

But if you have a little extra time on your hands and fancy a little pie-making, here's the recipe so you can make it yourself.

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The force of force

Black and white image of steam on a black background

A force is any interaction with an object that, when unopposed, will change the motion of an object. Put another way, forces are the push or pull on an object. Heavy objects require greater force to move them than light objects. In short, you have to push or pull harder to get heavy objects to move.

I am so excited to tell you that we bought you an oven. The oven we had in the big kitchen is still perfectly serviceable. It was just getting a little on the small size for your dinners. The new oven is large. It is also heavy.

The senior recipe tester, being the kind and generous sort that he is, went to collect the new oven for you. For this task we hired a truck with a lifting device to overcome the significant downward force of the oven on the floor of the depot. A forklift lifted the oven into the truck for the senior. Lifting it out of the truck, and into the big kitchen, he had to sort out himself. We called a friend for backup...

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If you can't beat 'em, cook with 'em

Image of a child stiring a bowl of cake mixture

The virtues of eating meals with your children are long heralded. The benefits, we are told, are untold. Everything from lofty educational attainment to absence of delinquency are certain gains.

What they don't mention is that eating with those significantly younger than you, can be quite unpalatable...

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