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Tomatoes, herbs and apron

We are so excited to appear in the Hills District Independent magazine this week.

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I still don't get how...
Image of two children's toothbrush holders and a single toothbrush with no holder
Parenting's hard, but if I may be bold
There's a lot, 'fore we're parents, we're simply not told.
Like how little juniors, would seem without warning
To wake in the morning and promptly start bawling

And so 'twas our fate, the morn before last
One junior woke up and just gave us a blast
And right in that instant, confirmed all my fears
For an effortless morning, yep- a junior in tears...

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The force of force

Black and white image of steam on a black background

A force is any interaction with an object that, when unopposed, will change the motion of an object. Put another way, forces are the push or pull on an object. Heavy objects require greater force to move them than light objects. In short, you have to push or pull harder to get heavy objects to move.

I am so excited to tell you that we bought you an oven. The oven we had in the big kitchen is still perfectly serviceable. It was just getting a little on the small size for your dinners. The new oven is large. It is also heavy.

The senior recipe tester, being the kind and generous sort that he is, went to collect the new oven for you. For this task we hired a truck with a lifting device to overcome the significant downward force of the oven on the floor of the depot. A forklift lifted the oven into the truck for the senior. Lifting it out of the truck, and into the big kitchen, he had to sort out himself. We called a friend for backup...

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Lifelong learning...

Image of a yellow person figurine attached to a set of keys

Learning, I've come to realise, occurs in stages. Whenever one starts working with new tools, for instance, there is that stage in which you're stretched until your functional knowledge and proficiency catch up to your skill need. Psychologists call this stage "conscious incompetence": a point at which you have at least recognised a deficit in your understanding or skill.

This week I have made some inroads to stemming my incompetence:

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Serving and big sky dreaming

Rachel Golding by Sue Stubbs

Photo: Sue Stubbs

Lucie magazine

"If we’re not seeking to serve each other, then where have we got to go?" 

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Not a first-class girl after all

Aeroplane flying over the ocean into the sunset

The other day I made a shocking discovery. I had always fancied myself as a first-class sort of girl. Someone who would be at home amongst the swank and swarve, the perks that first-class travel brings. Seats that lie flat like a bed, for instance. The ability to move about the cabin at whim.

To my horror, I have realised that I am not at home with those perks. In fact, I'm not sure I ever want to travel first-class again.

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