I still don't get how...

Image of two children's toothbrush holders and a single toothbrush with no holderParenting's hard, but if I may be bold
There's a lot, 'fore we're parents, we're simply not told.
Like how little juniors, would seem without warning
To wake in the morning and promptly start bawling

And so 'twas our fate, the morn before last
One junior woke up and just gave us a blast
And right in that instant, confirmed all my fears
For an effortless morning, yep- a junior in tears.

Well surely it's bad, this is such a performance
With sobbing and wailing and generalised torture
The woes of the world? Fear of terror by ISIS?
Alas, but it's not. It's a far lessor crisis.

The reason for tears and the sobbing galore
That which held her toothbrush - it is simply no more
It went on our trip but it didn't come back
Left forlorn in a motel on some Kiwi track.

But that was some time back, well over six weeks
And I marvel, as I gaze on those red tear-stained cheeks
That time has marched on; and I still don't get how
You've chosen today, and a meltdown right now!

To be honest your toothbrush was far from my mind
In the shops, a replacement, we even did find
And while you have had it quite hap'ly for ages
Today, it's apparent, that grief comes in stages.

It does make me wonder, delayed devastation
Is it really your grief? Or just pro-crastination?
And if you malinger, lamenting your loss
Well instead of all caring, I'll be just plain cross

Because time has marched on. And I still don't get how
You've chosen today, and a meltdown right now?