I don't want to get run over by a garbage truck

Image of green rubbish bag against a wallI don't want to get run over by a garbage truck. My guess is, neither do you. And for this reason, if no other, we need to realise the importance of dinner.


The other week I was chatting with someone about how daily life happens in her house. She has a son with significant disabilities. In amongst the usual afternoon and evening activities found in a busy household, was dinner. No great surprise there. Except, as this woman explained, her son with disabilities needs to be fed. He is unable to eat his dinner on his own.

Feeding him took at least an hour and a half every night. Once this task was complete dinner needed to be sorted out for herself, her partner and her other children. All of this she had to do on her own.

You see, a number of weeks ago her partner took a job developing and installing safety systems for garbage trucks. He is an engineer. Garbage trucks are dangerous contraptions. And so they need safety systems. So they don't accidentally squash people. Or side-swipe cars.

But garbage trucks can't be inspected for safety systems in the morning: that's when they are collecting your rubbish. They have to do that first, otherwise you'll be in a terrible bind. So they get inspected and fitted out in the afternoon and evening.

Which is exactly the time the woman I was speaking to could use an extra set of hands: to get dinner sorted, and to make sure her son gets fed. But her extra set of hands is taking care of your safety, and ensuring the paint job on your car stays as it is. And so while you're better off for his being at work, she's finding it increasingly difficult to manage.

You see, the benefits of providing dinner for families living with disabilities might go well beyond their wellbeing. It might also impact yours. A good dinner to assist this family with their daily grind, might mean that this man can continue doing a job he enjoys, and that provides a valuable service to the community. It might mean this family thrives.

I don't want want to get run over by a garbage truck. My guess is, neither do you.