The over-sharing and the ridiculous...

Legs of a woman in a white skirt, holding a basket of flowers

I assume it's not just me, others too, find themselves in this situation. But there are times in life when you are forced into the most ridiculous conversations. Living with one or more  junior recipe testers under the age of five will mean this is a daily occurrence. But it is made even more problematic when you are forced to have a ridiculous conversation in a very public place.

Now, I realise, I am at high risk of over-sharing here. So if you are prone to embarrassment, please do avert your eyes.

I recently had need to visit the GP....

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All over it. Or not.

Image of milk spilling into a spoon on a black backgroundThere are days when you're all over it. And then there are those days when it's all over you. No prizes for guessing.

The day started, like most before it, with the obligatory cup of tea. With tea poured, one of the junior recipe testers and I went to read a book on the couch. Just before I sat down I managed to drop my cup.

It landed on the edge of the seat of the couch...

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You asked for it...

 Dinner on the Table delivery van

We're always listening when you tell us how we can change your daily life. And you've told us that last minute dinners could really get you out of a bind! (We get it, we're last minute people too... one more than most. Not saying which one 😉.)

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World's next practice
Panel of people at a conference


This week I was lucky enough to spend two days in Melbourne at the Social Traders Masters Conference. I've had two days of absorbing. Two days of thinking big blue sky. Two days of hearing from some of the brightest minds in the game about how they're using the marketplace to solve some big social problems.

"We all know about world's best practice," mused the conference MC. "Social enterprise is world's next practice."

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A child's mouth, smiling with a bottom tooth missing

How it started...

Image of a child's mouth with a front tooth missing

I never thought for a second that a lost tooth would cause so much trouble. After all, it wasn't even MY tooth that fell out. But trouble it did cause.

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Making the most of it...

Park very late in the dayWith this unseasonably warm (well, weird really) weather, we have felt that we should make the most of the warm afternoons. We dutifully planned a weekend trip to the park. It seemed such a good idea. Turns out it wasn't really.

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Family wellbeing

Silver pot on the stove, with a wooden spoon resting on the rim, below a black hanging ladle

I want you to think back to what you did this morning, from the time when you first woke up. Did you drink a cup of tea? Sit and read the paper? Catch up on emails? Dress and feed children? Chase the bin truck down the street, because, curses, if you don't catch it there's going to be a hell of a problem by Sunday?

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