Outsider to Insider: Rethinking mothering support
    This week I had the great privilege of attending a lecture given by Dr Marjorie Aunos. Marjorie is both a colleague and friend, from the West Montreal Readaptation Centre in Canada. She has made a huge contribution to what we know about people with intellectual disability (ID) who are parents, and is a world expert in the field of parenting with ID. In January 2012, on her way to work, Marjorie's car slipped on black ice into the path of an oncoming truck. In a quarter of a second she became a paraplegic. And her life changed. There were skills to learn, and skills to relearn. There were long weeks in a hospital bed as her body recovered....

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Social enterprise - innovation at its finest?

Inside of a hot air balloon

I am very grateful to Parramatta City Rotary Club for inviting me to present to their meeting last week. They not only put on a delicious lunch (I'm always motivated by good food), but were very interested in what Dinner on the Table is doing in the social sector and eager to offer their support. We look forward to staying in touch!

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Family wellbeing

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I want you to think back to what you did this morning, from the time when you first woke up. Did you drink a cup of tea? Sit and read the paper? Catch up on emails? Dress and feed children? Chase the bin truck down the street, because, curses, if you don't catch it there's going to be a hell of a problem by Sunday?

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