We've launched our own #waronwaste


We buy veggies for your dinners from a local vegetable farm. When I first went to the farm to talk to the farmer about this arrangement we gazed out across his fields. "Well," he said to me, "You'll have to give me a couple of days notice of your order."

"Ok," I replied.

"So I can pick 'em."

When the veggies get to our kitchen they have often just been plucked from the ground. We need to wash them, then we trim them, before we chop them up for you. They don't come in plastic bags, they're rarely neatly cubed, and they never have a 'washed and ready for use' sticker on the pack...

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Time to think differently...

Ultra-marathon for the under-aged

Four children looking at the Sydney Opera House

Despite their enthusiasm for public transport of all persuasions, this adventure wasn't the juniors' fault. Generally, school holiday outings involve one kind of public transport, an icecream, and everyone's happy. Yesterday we accidentally ended up on an ultramarathon. At a couple of points I wondered whether we'd ever make it home. So did the juniors.

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What's in it for me?

Notebook and cup of tea on a table

This week I met with someone from a large disability organisation. We discussed Dinner on the Table (now there's a news flash for you), what we do, and what our goals are. We discussed the possibilities of a partnership between our two services. Quite appropriately, the question was raised: what's in it for us?

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Strategic planning and beans

Green beans in a line on a wooden board

When a number of people live in the one household there are going to be times when you wonder just how you're going to make it all fit. Too many people, too many places, too little time. You know the deal.

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Social enterprise - innovation at its finest?

Inside of a hot air balloon

I am very grateful to Parramatta City Rotary Club for inviting me to present to their meeting last week. They not only put on a delicious lunch (I'm always motivated by good food), but were very interested in what Dinner on the Table is doing in the social sector and eager to offer their support. We look forward to staying in touch!

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