A child's mouth, smiling with a bottom tooth missing

How it started...

Image of a child's mouth with a front tooth missingI never thought for a second that a lost tooth would cause so much trouble. After all, it wasn't even MY tooth that fell out. But trouble it did cause.

If the fallen out tooth hadn't been swallowed, the tooth fairy wouldn't have forgotten to visit.

If the tooth fairy hadn't forgotten to visit (BIG failing on the part of the tooth fairy) we wouldn't have had a protracted discussion about how the now toothless junior recipe tester should perhaps write a letter to the tooth fairy explaining the absence of the tooth, in both mouth and glass by the bed.

If we hadn't had a protracted discussion we would have found the dog wee all over the front door and door step, earlier than we did.

If we'd found the dog wee earlier (put there by a dog we do not own) I wouldn't have been running around like an idiot trying to find a bucket in which to put water, with which to wash the front door, five minutes after we needed to leave for school.

If I hadn't been looking for a bucket five minutes after we needed to leave for school, I wouldn't have been so irritated driving out of the driveway.

If I hadn't been so irritated driving out of the driveway I would have remembered that the car didn't have any petrol.

If I had remembered that the car didn't have any petrol I would have avoided the white knuckle drive to the petrol station much later in the day, by which time the number of kilometres left in the tank had reached single figures.

If we hadn't needed to limp to the petrol station I wouldn't have had so little time to get the script filled at the chemist.

If I hadn't had so little time at the chemist I wouldn't have had to put the script in, rush to school to pick up the juniors and return to the chemist, now with three juniors in tow.

If I hadn't had to return to the chemist after school pick up with three juniors in tow, the banana bread I had left in the oven wouldn't have overcooked.

If the banana bread hadn't overcooked the top of the bread wouldn't have gotten so crunchy.

If the top of the banana bread hadn't gotten so crunchy the junior recipe testers wouldn't have had such a hard time chewing it.

You see, one of the juniors lost a tooth...