A bit busy...

Picture of a lit match in the nightI was all poised to write something witty and amusing. But I can't. I'm a bit busy.

Yesterday, in the big kitchen, I inadvertently started a fire.

I did not pay due regard to Kate's protests that she could smell something burning. I checked every pot, repeatedly reassuring her that everything was under control. She continued to comment from time to time that she could most certainly smell something burning.

By the time I noticed the handle of my wooden spoon, which had slid under a large pot and was now sitting against the gas flame, it was well alight.

There was something burning after all.

Thankfully, I recalled my emergency training. In the event of a kitchen fire: put it out. I whacked at the flames with the metal spoon I happened to be holding at the time. The bonfire, now occurring on the kitchen bench, rather than under the pot, continued.

So I'm a bit busy. I need to go and find new utensils. I also need to update my emergency training manual. In the event of a kitchen fire: Resuscitating your staff may be required. Rather than rendering assistance, staff may be found slumped against the kitchen bench laughing hysterically and unable to breathe.

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