I am a professional...

Blueberry bagels in the foreground with a child's hand stealing blueberries off the plate

I generally consider myself to be a professional. It's true, that reasonably often this means I need to take a junior recipe tester assistant with me to business meetings. But I always try to maintain a professional, um... air. I brush my hair and my teeth. I dress appropriately. 

I don't go to meetings in my pyjamas.

Well, hardly ever.

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The over-sharing and the ridiculous...

Legs of a woman in a white skirt, holding a basket of flowers

I assume it's not just me, others too, find themselves in this situation. But there are times in life when you are forced into the most ridiculous conversations. Living with one or more  junior recipe testers under the age of five will mean this is a daily occurrence. But it is made even more problematic when you are forced to have a ridiculous conversation in a very public place.

Now, I realise, I am at high risk of over-sharing here. So if you are prone to embarrassment, please do avert your eyes.

I recently had need to visit the GP....

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With age comes wisdom

Image of reading glasses lying on an open book

With age comes wisdom. The senior recipe tester is older than I. And therefore, I assume, wiser.

For instance, he was recently faced with a challenging situation. He took the eldest  junior recipe testers to swimming lessons. One was able to change in the boys change room, a place where the senior could render assistance. The other had to change in the opposite gender change room.

Only one junior needed assistance.

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The proudest of moments

Image of open book "We're going on a bear hunt"...today, big excitement
Was happ'ning at school
We rushed to be part of it,
Downing our tools;

A stellar performance
... Well, it wasn't quite Wembly.
One junior and class
They were running assembly...

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The karate chop that wasn't

Black and white image of hands in a karate pose

I am glad that I'm able to write this. I might have been unable. This afternoon I narrowly avoided a karate chop. From someone I love.

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Position in space

Image of an open drink bottle

In a former, and much younger life, I sat in a lecture theatre with about 150 other undergrads learning about body awareness and how it develops in children. In short, body awareness is the sense of where your body parts are both in space and in relation to other objects. Children notoriously suck at it when they're little. That's why they fall over things, and get themselves jammed in things so often. Body awareness improves with age.

For most people.

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Ready to start

Picture of three school bags on the stairs

The night before school starts back there's always a little pressure. I feel it incumbent upon me to give the junior recipe testers the best chance of a good start for term. So last night it began. Nutritious meal, check. This was expertly prepared by the senior recipe tester. I was in the big kitchen preparing your nutritious meals.

Next, not too late to bed. Check.

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A week of ups and downs

Image of cupcakes on a wooden board

The week that's been has been one of ups and downs. We had a child in hospital (down) who was completely fine (up). The end of school for the term (up) and a redundancy, which means loads of time as a family (up), a dinner celebration to mark the occasion (up) and a small issue of income (you know).

A dear friend once told me that I unnecessarily sweat the small stuff. At the time, I disagreed. In the intervening 25 years I have come to suspect his character assessment may have been right. I will here add a caveat: I do not count buttercream amongst the small stuff.


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Almost Vivid

Little boy eating ice-cream with a spoon at night by a floodlight

We are reaching a somewhat golden age of family life where evening outings are possible, as long as we're not out too late. Of course, we still have to have the altercation about whether one needs a woolly jacket when going out on a winter's night...

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A child's mouth, smiling with a bottom tooth missing

How it started...

Image of a child's mouth with a front tooth missing

I never thought for a second that a lost tooth would cause so much trouble. After all, it wasn't even MY tooth that fell out. But trouble it did cause.

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