The proudest of moments

Image of open book "We're going on a bear hunt"This week has been usual
Not super fantastic.
The rain washed out soccer
(We still had gymnastics).

But today, big excitement
Was happ'ning at school
We rushed to be part of it,
Downing our tools;

A stellar performance
... Well, it wasn't quite Wembly.
One junior and class
They were running assembly.

With news and announcements
And then the awards
We were glued to our seats-
How could we be bored?

The pinnacle surely,
The class did perform
We watched, baited breath
Our star to be born.

But quite unexpected
Our dreams with a thud
Our junior, put simply,
Well, she played the mud.

The song about hunting
And finding a bear
They're catching a big one
And not even scared.

Can't go over or under
Oh how would they do it?
The mud standing steadfast
They'd have to go through it!

And well, weren't we proud?!?
We shouldn't bemoan
My parents watched on once
As I played a stone.

And when it was done
And we milled in the crowd,
I'd say of the mud,
I'm especially proud.