You asked for it...

 Dinner on the Table delivery

We're always listening when you tell us how we can change your daily life. And you've told us that last minute dinners could really get you out of a bind! (We get it, we're last minute people too... one more than most. Not saying which one 😉)

So, we're going to trial a last minute dinner delivery run, starting with our local area: Hills and Parramatta. If you live in the Hills-Parramatta area you can now order any of our frozen dinners by Thursday 8pm, and have them delivered the very next day.

For those in the Hills and Parramatta - when you get to the checkout and you are ordering before Thursday at 8pm, you'll see two delivery dates will now open up for you. If you would like your meals delivered on Friday, you'll need to get your order in by Thursday 8pm and make sure you have only ordered frozen meals.  This is because the fresh meals won't be cooked in time to deliver on Friday! 

If you don't live in the Hills-Parramatta area, but would like last minute dinners too, please let us know! If there's sufficient interest we'll happily add another delivery run.