Harassed woman holding a baby, washing on her shoulder and a coffee mug.

Just the usual...

How are you?

- Fine thanks.

What's been happening?

- Oh, you know... just the usual.

Sometimes, the usual is the bit that drives you nuts. The usual for us this week went like this:

The senior recipe tester and I have had some work done at our house. Earlier this week a large quantity of tiles needed to be delivered. This necessitated one of us being home to open the garage door. The senior, being the obliging type, offered to work from home to assist. I went to work.

Presently, the phone rang. It was the school. The youngest junior recipe tester had fallen over and injured his arm. This required a trip to the doctor and an X-ray. The senior, because he an obliging type, and because he was home (and - in the biggest win of all - the school called him first!), offered to assist. 

By some miracle, the GP & X-ray were completed just in time for the tile delivery and the grand opening of the garage door. Ah yes, dealing with the big jobs, us.

Because the obliging senior's work day was now shot to bits he worked half the night to get the jobs done. 

The following day, our two uninjured junior recipe testers were to run the Regional Cross Country. To this carnival, no bus is provided by the school and so it is incumbent on the parents of said juniors to provide transport. Given the events of the day before it was my turn to step up.

So that I could get some work done before I started taxiing juniors around I got up and went to work early. I had a few solid hours to really motor through some tasks.

Until a truck inadvertently motored through a part of our building and smashed some of it. (I should hasten to add that no one inside or out of the building was even remotely injured). And so my work hours were fruitfully spent sweeping up broken glass and making phone calls...

Sometimes the usual is a total pain in the... place where you don't want a total pain.

But it's just the usual.