Two eyebrows, health and hope. Happy New Year!

Two eyebrows, health and hope. Happy New Year!

Woman holding a sparkler with both hands


Well 2020… what a fuss!
We all wore masks while on the bus
Or did not catch the bus at all
Stayed home just looking at the walls

While in a mask, my Face ID
My phone no longer knows it’s me
The endless talk of stats & curve
Just shopping became quite absurd

The worry made it hard to think
…Or was that just the lockdown drink?
And just when we’d run out of humour
We’re told that we’ll homeschool our juniors.

World as we know it, all amiss
I don’t think I’m cut out for this!
As teacher, wanting for a gavel
My juniors started to unravel

But these are stories you all know
They’re common tales for all, and so
It’s things of which we do not speak
Of quiet terror, havoc wreaked
The hidden trials of COVID plight
These things I now bring to the light

I have since birth been always blessed
A monobrow describes it best
With shops all shut and beauty banned
Took matters into my own hand

In lockdown, to avoid the cough
I tried... but waxed my eyebrow off
For weeks I was with brow forgone
An eyebrow pencil, drawn back on

Now Covid impacts mental health
But so, I’m sure, do brows by stealth
The strain! Of course, the good Lord knows
Two brows belong above the nose!

I know of where my skill sets lie
So why, I moaned, did I but try
To do the job of trained clinician
Amend my face like a beautician?

I should have left my brows alone
Gone hairy, while I stayed at home
Just waited til restrictions fold
‘Cause woolly suits me more than bald

My only nod to rational thought
Inspite of being so distraught
I carefully weighed up my despair
And decided NOT to cut my hair

But through all this was our delight
To cook for you, both day and night
We thank you for your great support
Fuelled us, when we were running short

And so we look on twenty-one
And hope that strife is (mostly?!?) done
We wish you health and much good cheer
Our family to yours, a Happy New Year.