Mother's Day gift home delivery; Rachel Golding, Karen Miles, Tina McKeown

Special home delivery: A different Mother's Day

If we weren't in the middle of a pandemic these photos would look very different. There'd only be one, for starters: we'd be together. Last year, I posted a photo of my mum and I with our arms around each other. This year we can't do that either.

But let me introduce us: I'm Rachel of Dinner on the Table. Please meet Karen, of French Consul, and Tina, of the petite posy shoppe. We're all mothers. We're all CEOs, owners and creative directors. We all create beautiful things. And we, like you, have been seriously impacted by COVID-19.

If we were to pick businesses to see out a global pandemic, none of us would choose catering, retail or events. Pharmaceuticals, or perhaps toilet paper manufacturing (who knew?) would have been better choices. Ain't hindsight a wonderful thing?

We're joining forces to support each other and to help you celebrate your mum, from a distance, with beautiful gifts delivered straight to your, or your mum's, home.

But there's another group of mums we want to support too: mums who have a disability. Many of these vulnerable women, living under the surveillance of child protection authorities, are effectively asked to 'prove' their ability as mothers every single day. These women face greater challenges to their mothering than their non-disabled peers.

The supportive presence of disability services is critical to the wellbeing of many of these women, and that of their children. The social isolation we are all now experiencing as a result of COVID-19, leaves many of these already vulnerable women at greater risk of social isolation, or gender based violence.

We all need our people to support us in our mothering, in our work, and in our lives. In a pandemic, a number of critical disability support services cannot operate as usual. Rates of domestic violence have risen across the community: for women with intellectual disability, the rates may be even higher. And the result? A difficult situation could be made worse.

For this Mother's Day, we're partnering with the WASH House, a service who provides support to vulnerable women, including women with disabilities. Through Dinner on the Table's meal gifting program when we send a gift to your mum, we'll also be gifting meals to women with disabilities, so they don't have to cook on Mother's Day either.

Find out what we're delivering to your home, and how we change the daily lives of women with disabilities. Together, we're reaching out to mums everywhere.