Mental Health Month

Mental Health Month NSW theme

October is Mental Health Month NSW to coincide with World Mental Health Day on October 10. (That was Saturday).

Mental health affects all of us. Around half the population will experience a mental disorder at some point in their lives, and one in five Australians will experience a mental disorder in any given year. Basically, if it's not you who has some sort of mental illness, chances are you're going to know someone who does.

So we got to thinking. At Dinner on the Table we're keen on doing dinners for other people. In fact, we think it changes daily lives. You can read more about some of the families we support every week with no cost meals here.

Dinner is one of the big jobs, and you've got to do it everyday. We all know someone who's doing it tough and could use a little break. So, to help you help the important people in your life we want to offer you 25% off your order for this week only. Effectively, when you purchase two dinners you'll get the second one half price. Gift the second dinner to someone you know who could use a hand and make their daily life just a little bit easier.

Or, if you are the person who could use a hand, then please be our guest, and use the code below for your own dinner order.

We don't want to suggest that having dinner done for you is necessarily going to miraculously improve your mental health. But support from those around us is an important part of maintaining good mental health. For more information on mental illness you'll find a raft of resources here.

Please share this offer with your friends and family via email and social media. And tell us your stories of what having dinner done means to you and to your important person on our Facebook page. Together, we may just discover something new about the influence of dinner done for you on good mental health.

Enter the following code at the checkout to claim your 25% discount: MENTALHEALTHMONTH 

Order by Friday 16 October for dinners delivered Tuesday 20 October.

You'll find the menu here.

At the end of every day we all need dinner on the table. And I look forward to cooking it for you.