The holiday's done


Break time is over, the holiday's done
They are but a mem'ry, those days in the sun
I seem to forget, p'rhaps my memory shirks
That ending vacation is quite so much work
Let's start with the laundry, the greatest of fears
The washing is now coming out of my ears.

We must get back to it, and into routine
(The number of tasks for each morning's obscene!)
You hustle them off with their hats and their totes
And when they return they bear 4,000 notes
All must be signed and for some you must pay
How can this be - you've been back for a day?!?!

Returning to swimming, brain not quite in gear
When the clothes were stripped off only undies appear
The shock! The embarrassment! Horror galore!
The swimmers still safely ensconced in the drawer.
No chance now of swimming, the outcome is bleak
Get back in the car and we'll try for next week.

Day one seems endless, you're feeling quite listless
Don't look now, soon they'll be talking of Christmas
Trundle on home feeling run off your feet
Amongst all the chaos you've still gotta eat
Scratch through the fridge, hunger pains to allay
There's nothing to eat though... you've all been away...