Trying something new

Fried Chicken and Friends

Holidays provide a chance to catch your breath and relax. For me, holidays are also a chance to try something new.

I decided to take up smoking. I have tried it once before. A couple of years ago I smoked a piece of fish. After lengthy discussions with the fishmonger about which cut would work best I took his advice and made an appropriate selection.

I have to tell you, after it was smoked, it was the most succulent piece of fish I have ever eaten. The taste was out of this world too... just like licking an ashtray.

I have not developed my taste for ashtrays since. Nevertheless, after a couple of years consideration I decided I would give smoking another go. Like many major life decisions I did not make it alone. I was aided and abetted by some very dear friends, Gregory Llewellyn & Naomi Hart of Hartsyard. The junior recipe testers also felt need to weigh in during this process, and so I smoked a piece of lamb.

I had thought my new habit would be social in nature. You know, the occasional smoke, perhaps when accompanied by a glass of wine. I was surprised to discover I have a tendency for chain smoking. As well as the lamb I smoked all of the clean washing. Ours and the neighbour's.

Gregory's smoking instructions are fabulous. His quit program however, is missing a few steps. Realising my habit was getting a bit out of hand I decided to reign it in a bit. In my attempt to quit I smoked a set of heavy duty oven mitts, and a kitchen towel. I can now confirm that smoking does indeed kill: both oven mitts and towel have gone to an early grave.

Due to the overheating of the oven mitts I smoked a large burn mark on the grass in our backyard, exactly the size and shape of my heaviest duty baking dish. This happened when my fingers couldn't take it any more. I hadn't previously realised that grass sizzles.

Smoking is not the only new thing we're trying for our return to the kitchen this term (the lamb, by the way was delicious. The collatoral damage involved means I need a little more practice before I smoke your dinner).

We are so grateful for all your considered feedback via our survey (not too late if you haven't filled it in yet; you can find it here). In response to your ideas, we're increasing the size of our large dinners (same prices as before), and, for many meals, we're adding a medium size dinner: a little smaller than our 'old' large, but with a smaller price tag.

We're working on how we can incorporate many of your other suggestions too... stay tuned.

Order by Friday night for dinners delivered on Wednesday of next week. Due to the public holiday Monday, and for next week only, your dinners will be delivered to you on Wednesday. We'll resume Tuesday deliveries from the following week.