Lifelong assistance

Lifelong partnerships come in many and varied forms. Generally, somewhere in that public declaration of intention to hang out with one person for a really long time there is something about helping each other in all sorts of circumstances. It is usually anticipated that such help will be gratefully received.

The other night I was in the garage doing some garage-type jobs. Without warning I was grabbed from behind. I whipped around, arms flailing. To the untrained eye, this may have looked like senseless flapping. What I discovered was an extraordinary ability to protect myself. My mind recalled ninja moves I did not know I possessed. Such was the adrenalin pumping through my veins I felt confident of my ability to defend myself such that my assailant would have no idea the attack was coming.

A rather startled chief recipe tester stood before me as I turned to attack. In his hand was my mobile phone, line open. Like me, he was mute, and flapping somewhat wildly for me to speak into the phone.

This week the chief recipe tester and I will celebrate ten years of wedded bliss. I am glad to report our union did not end in the garage when I killed him with a ninja chop I had not previously rehearsed.

In a bid to facilitate my communication he had answered my phone before it rang out. He then ran it (quietly) to me so I could seamlessly speak into the phone as if I had answered it. The plan was somewhat thwarted by my gladiatorial response to his assistance.

I am grateful for his assistance. I am relieved that my pause reflexes are more developed than my mercenary ones.

If you find yourself under attack this week, may I suggest next week's menu? Next week will be our last delivery before we take a short break. Look out for the next menu in a couple of weeks.

As always, please contact me with queries, for lists of ingredients or for recipes.

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