Not a plastic bag type of person

Green plastic bag

I am not a plastic bag type person. I am more of an insulated-reinforced-reusable-handles-won't-tear-off-on-the-way-to-the-car-unlikely-to-suffocate-anyone bag type person. I love nothing more than an appropriately sized Tupperware container. I particularly love the thrill of finding the matching lid to aforementioned container. I don't wish to boast, but I have experienced that thrill at least twice.

But there is the odd occasion when a plastic bag appears to be the only thing for the task. Perhaps, I reasoned, it could be just the thing I needed.

We recently went to the park. As one does on a hot afternoon, we purchased ice-creams on the way to the park. At the checkout I was offered a plastic bag in which to carry my purchases. "Yes please", I heard myself say. Quietly I congratulated myself on my forward thinking: the bag could hold all the rubbish until we got home. I would not have to carry sticky wrappers and sticks. The bag could take care of the mess and I would be free to enjoy the park.

I was wrong.

Plastic bags are completely inadequate for the mess made by a chocolate paddle pop eaten in the wind. Few calories were consumed by the owner of this particular paddle pop. Most went on the clothes. In fact, the clothing was in such a state that when they were later removed so the wearer could shower, I had only to whistle and they ran down the hall to the laundry by themselves.

The plastic bag was useless for catching another ice-cream that fell off the stick. Unhappily, my open handbag was sitting where I wished the plastic bag had been.

Finally, it did nothing for a third problem, this time encountered on the swing. Apparently, a bird had been having a swing just prior to one of the junior recipe testers taking his turn...

No, I am not a plastic bag type person.

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