Nowhere without each other

Picture of a broken car keyI mentioned last week my difficulties with a car key that snapped in half, leaving a stump on my key ring. Handily, the stump still locks and unlocks the car. It just doesn't have the bit that actually drives it. (It may be helpful to note at this point that we are a one car family.)

The senior recipe tester is a compassionate sort. He offered me his key to the car, and swapped it for the stump. I happily used his car key for perhaps 24 hours. Returning to the car with three overwrought junior recipe testers, I pressed the unlock button. Nothing. I pressed again. Still nothing. I pressed hard. I pressed repeatedly. The juniors and I remained on the outside of the car.

I now carry in my handbag a key that actually drives the car. It is attached to an unlock/lock device that does not lock or unlock the car.

The senior recipe tester carries a stump that locks and unlocks the car. He possesses nothing with which to drive it.

We can go nowhere without each other. Logistics this week have been more difficult than most.