New year, new tools...

New year, new tools... and we're bonding. Last weekend was the maiden voyage to the markets for the van avec fridge and it worked brilliantly. Arriving home, I backed the van down the drive ready to unload just those items for the family fridge.

I do understand the laws of physics. I do know that the contents of a van parked on a slopey driveway, front end pointed to the sky, will have a propensity to fall out the back door when said back door is opened. What I did not anticipate is that the exceedingly large fridge shelf would have that same propensity, along with some velocity.

By the time I had fully appreciated Newton's marvel I was unable to let go of the fridge door. Nor was I able to get it closed again due to an inordinately large bunch of parsley wedging the door open. To be fair, the parsley did need chopping. I reasoned, however, that a knife was better suited to the task than a fridge door.

I was forced to stand bellowing for someone to come and assist. Unfortunately, the chief recipe tester was inside instructing the junior recipe testers in the joys of 80's Australian rock bands at high volume. Eventually, using my foot, I managed to extract my phone and ring inside from outside.

Another set of arms to catch things proved precious little assistance: we still had gravity to contend with. In the end the chief recipe tester drove the van up the drive to the flat bit while I walked behind still holding the fridge door and its contents. Praise him for his clutch control: I am not run over.

There are days when the produce ends up in the driveway. And for those, may I recommend this week's menu.