Rachel's summer holiday

On my holiday I took lots of lovely trips out... to amenities all over the city. The junior recipe testers, a blessed group, all with bladders the size of peanuts, cannot go longer than about seven minutes without someone needing relief. So while other families enjoyed ferry rides, lego exhibitions, and water parks of many kinds we enjoyed long searches for the near, or not so near, convenience.

We have visited public facilities of all persuasions, as well as those behind 'no admittance' signs. We have visited a great many reserved for the staff of various establishments, and met dozens of staff who, in their great mercy, feared the consequences of rigidly adhering to company policy about members of the public using the loo. I have also cultivated a new super-power: in a matter of seconds I can assess the most hygienic place in a public amenity to put down a takeaway coffee...

The pinnacle was a family dinner out. This one meal included no less than five separate trips, at one point being forced to leave a four year old sitting at the table on her own while everyone else was escorted to the bathroom. These five trips did not include having to use the toilet in an establishment in which we did not dine on the way home. Of course, that same four year old saved up...

On my holiday I learned that dinner in a restaurant is not for us (for a good few years). Fortunately I have found another way to have dinner on the table, quickly, seamlessly... and always knowing where relief can be found.

If you could use the same service, may I suggest the Dinner on the Table menu.

Order by Friday night 6th February for meals delivered Tuesday 10th February. All orders and payment can now be made via the website.

At the end of every day we all need dinner on the table. And I look forward to cooking it for you.