We must have done something good!

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Ta da!

Welcome to our new, fancy website.  Ain't it purty? Huge thanks to Alex Mayes for the beautiful photos that we think perfectly capture what Dinner on the Table is all about.

We're pretty excited about the possibilities for 2015. Last year was the year it all began, as we worked out all the logistics - where to cook, how to distribute, how to make various bits of technology and equipment do what we wanted them to do, and how best to spread the word.

We also spent a lot of time thinking about what Dinner on the Table means to us.  And we came to the conclusion that it's not actually about dinner at all.  Sounds shocking?  Obviously, it is sort of... well a bit more than sort of, about the food.  Clearly it's delicious, as anyone who has eaten Rachel's meals will happily tell you.  We care about what goes into our dinners, and only use top quality fruit and vegetables and premium Australian meat. 

But more than that, we know that having your dinner sorted long before you want to eat it means that daily life is just that little bit richer.

One less pressure at the end of the day means so much.  It can mean putting your feet up for 10 minutes with a coffee and a book, or a glass of wine, or having time to help children with homework without the shout-y bits, or having time to play at the park for just a little longer, or staying at the office until that deadline is met.  

Or perhaps it's just the knowledge that when you all rush in the door after work, or soccer, or ballet, or cricket, or music, or sometimes ALL five, there will be something delicious and nutritious already heating up in a pre-timed oven ready to feed your starving family.

We're so excited about 2015.  We think big things are about to happen for Dinner on the Table.  We want to transform your daily life but, even more importantly (dare we say), we want to transform the daily lives of a group of people in our community we really care about. More on this from Rachel in the days to come!