Getting out into the great outdoors

Picture of two junior recipe testers helping load bikes onto a bike rack

We're routinely told it is good for juniors to be active and spend time outdoors. Too right. And so we thought to do just that. A trip to the park, a ride on the bikes, throw in a few cousins and you pretty much have junior-recipe-tester nirvana.

Drink bottles. Check. Morning tea. Check. Hats and sunscreen. Check, check. Bikes. ...Ah.

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Aging negotiation

Lip balm and hair elasticDiscussion and debate are a big deal in my house. In fact, when negotiation becomes an Olympic sport we will have a couple of contenders who have already qualified in preliminary rounds. The senior recipe tester, who is the most able to control the desire to talk, often wishes that a contagious case of lockjaw would sweep through the halls. He's still waiting.

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