Here is what I have learned

Three toothbrushes on a benchThere are others who write far more eloquently than I about travelling. But, while travelling with three junior recipe testers, here is what I have learned recently:

1. Juniors will often, quite legally, jump queues. In fact, they sometimes have their own special queue, which their parents may also attend with them. This queue is often notably shorter and may be attended by white-faced, tight-lipped, forcedly friendly airport attendants. These poor souls are routinely still undergoing intensive counselling after the last incident with a tired, hungry, overwrought and jet lagged junior who had to stand in a queue. With their backpack.

2. After being ushered onto a plane at record speed, at which point the juniors leave the responsibility of the ground crew and become the responsibility of the air crew, the aeroplane staff feed them. Junior dinners are served separately to senior dinners. They are also four times the size. This sizeable meal is packaged into 85 separate, sealed plastic bags. 

3. Each plastic bag contains something different to eat. Each edible item is something that the junior believes they would like to try.

4. Not one of the plastic bags can be opened by a junior.

5. EXCEPT the travel toothbrush with the teeny tiny toothpaste. This, a junior can open independently.

6. It has never occurred to a civilised member of society that during dinner is a good time to brush one's teeth.

7. It has occurred to a junior.

8. With a mouthful.

9. The cup on one's meal tray is for when the drinks come around. It is never for the spitting of toothpaste.