Finite energy points - the daily life juggle and the energy overdraft

Light globe on its side with a little smoke coming off it

Most days, I work on the proviso that we start every day with a certain number of energy points. These are there for the picking, spent as the situation requires. Some tasks, of course, require a greater number of energy points than others. Occasionally I find I can achieve two tasks using a single energy point, and in those rare moments, I feel supremely smug.

Over the years I have learned three things:

  1. Getting an overdraft is difficult.
  2. Sometimes I am over-expended by 8.32am.
  3. My application for an overdraft, logged by 8.43am, is usually denied by 9.03am.

Here's how the tally went today:

Get up early to ice new cupcakes to be taken to preschool for the junior recipe tester's birthday. These were to replace the lot of cupcakes that never made it to preschool last week (when it was actually his birthday) due to the contraction of a communicable disease.
-10 points

Realise I have forgotten to purchase lollies to put on said cupcakes and have to explain my ineptitude to the junior.
-1 point

Manage the junior's disappointment.
-5 points

Find a suitable alternative lolly in the pantry.  Am so relieved, and the junior so pleased with the outcome, I receive an energy boost.
+2 points

Get the washing up done before we have to run out the door.
-5 points

Feel extremely good about having a clean kitchen.
+6 points

Walk through a puddle of water on the kitchen floor, which I hadn't previously noticed, spilled from the afore mentioned washing up.
-1 point

I am wearing only socks
-2 points

Search for a pair of dry socks in my drawer. There are none.
-3 points

Head to the laundry to rummage through unfolded washing for socks.
-5 points

After several minutes searching, I can find only 1 sock.
-4 points

Pack cupcakes into a suitable container for transportation to preschool.
-1 point

Negotiate with an over-enthusiastic junior about the pitfalls of carrying such precious cargo to the car, and perhaps he should allow me to do it.
-5 points

Lose that battle and admit defeat.
-1 point

Unpack the cupcakes to wipe as much squashed icing off the inside of the container as I can after the junior drops the cargo in spectacular fashion.
-3 points

All the while gritting my teeth and trying not to (a) shout or (b) preach about how early I got up that morning to sort the cupcakes out.
-8 points

Make it to preschool drop off
-10 points

Preschool teachers don't need explanation as to why there is icing squashed everywhere. (They've seen it before)
+1 point

Realise how much I need a cup of coffee
-1 point

Realise I have driven past the coffee shop and need to turn around
-3 points

Select an appropriate driveway in which to pull in to (to turn around) and wait for a break in the traffic
-1 point

When the break does appear, realise that I've overshot the driveway and can't pull in to it at all. This causes some alarm.
-4 points

Create a traffic headache on the street because now I am blocking both sides of the road and doing a 7 point turn. Alarm turns to panic combined with embarrasment
-9 points

Attempt to wave an apology to my fellow motorists. Consider winding down the window to shout an explanation about cupcakes. Receive an error message:
Zero balance

If you're in overdraft just after breakfast, and are struggling to raise the points to get through the day, much less cook dinner, may I suggest this week's menu?