Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Painting of a wonky muffin

We had a special day today in the kitchen, as we were joined by two clients of Northwest Disability Services who came to volunteer their time in the kitchen. They helped us package your dinners, wash up a myriad of pots and pans (you should see the mountain of washing-up we create each day) and they also found time to make you some choc chip muffins.

These muffins don't look like our ordinary muffins. And that's because they aren't ordinary. From the outside they look a little wonky. Some of them have a little of the mixture on the outside of the paper case. Some of them are a little bigger than you're used to. Some of them are a little smaller.

But you know what? These muffins have been made with care by people who have gifted us their time. They have been made by people who have a disability and who want to work productively and meaningfully. They are packed full of ingredients you want to eat. And they taste delicious. Gifted, meaningful, full of good quality ingredients, delicious to eat. Beautiful? We think so.

This week we'd love to gift a small pack of these muffins to anyone who orders more than $80, while stocks last. We think you're going to love them. Order your dinners now!