Properly equipped for the job


When one is to complete a task it is advisable that one have the necessary tools for the job. It is also imperative that one knows how to use said necessary tools. There is also, in almost all circumstances, a minimum requirement of personal skills. Take a piano tuner for example. Piano tuners have a raft of tools that they might use to properly perform their trade. At a personal level, being able to hear is also handy.

Through reasons long and complicated this week, I found myself without adequate light. The room that should have been lit was a specialised facility, internal in nature, with no natural light source of its own. In fact, when the door swung shut it was blackness objectified.

A specialist was called to replace the specialised, and altogether dysfunctional, light. He possessed the necessary tools and what's more he knew how to use them. Tick. Tick.

I, on the other hand, possessed no useful skill whatever in aiding the situation. Or so I thought.

Standing in that darkened room, his torch set down on a shelf, and shining brightly, he muttered to me, "Now where did I put my torch?"

At that point I was convicted of both my uselessness in the situation, and my exposure to a potential safety issue. I excused myself and left.

If you're uncertain whether you've got all you need for the week ahead may I suggest this week's menu?