I'm all out


It’s been one of those weeks… well it started ok
I was happily working. I beavered away
When from out of the bowels of a big kitchen toy
Began to emerge a most terrible noise
This great little gadget had worked like a wizard
But something now hung from right out of its gizzards
A fine time to cark it, choose now to just pop
Couldn't wait 'til I finished? And then you can stop?

With no help to speak of, ain’t this fine and dandy?
All that was left was to do it by hand-y
I may have p'raps shouted, "Oh please!" I implored
(But by the day's end my poor arms were quite sore)

I’ll finish my tale, spare you all that is gory
Cold hard truth this week: I’m right out of stories.
But not out of dinners, it's not all that bleak
You'll find them right here, and we'll hope for next week...