The packing of a vehicle

There is a belief amongst some of those dearest to me that being able to 'properly' pack a vehicle has nothing to do ability. It is, in fact, determined before birth. Actually, quite soon after conception. It is an innate skill possessed by about half the world's population. I am not among that half.

This is a truth my independent self has always railed against. The other day I had reason for pause.

With vehicle packed I set out on my journey, having to make a couple of stops en route to my destination to collect further supplies. With the car completely full I still had to collect four kilos of fresh cheese and a mix-master.

After making making my purchase at the cheese factory I opened the back to put said purchase in. A few mushrooms found need to hop out and roll about in the carpark. I was unperturbed. This could surely happen to any car-packing member of society.

What was less pleasing was the two kilo bucket of feta that then followed. Mercifully, the lid did not come off. It did however, leak just enough to saturate the spot I had cunningly thought to place a (non-waterproof) bag of flour.

No matter. I found another equally clever, much drier spot and shut the door. Unfortunately the second spot involved a previously unnoticed metal bracket that punched a neat hole in the aforementioned bag of flour.

Having now worn out all the flour storage options in the back and with the flour now having to be placed flat (hole side up) I transferred it the passenger seat. It rode precariously atop the other items already occupying that place, gently puffing white clouds as we trundled up the road.

Told you. Those possessing car-packing equipment would have the rest of us believe that the task challenging. Nothing to it, I say.

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