Bigger problems...

Guinea pig

This week I was going to write to you about shoes. It was going to be witty and amusing, and, I hoped, would give you a laugh.

But I am distracted.

This week we are caring for a guinea pig. He is furry and cute. And he has to eat at regular intervals. Tonight it was my turn to feed him, and so I started rummaging through the fridge to retrieve those things put there for him to eat. I retrieved the bag and commenced chopping.

The senior recipe tester suddenly looked a little pale. "Is that the guinea pig's?" he enquired.


"I fed it to the junior recipe testers."

He suddenly looked very peaky. "I ate it too..."

Next week we are not serving guinea pig food. We are serving delicious dinners from our frozen favourite menu. In a few weeks we'll be adding to these with our made to order menu. If you're heading away on holidays why not take a few dinners and give yourself a little break?

As always, please contact me with queries, for lists of ingredients or for recipes.

Order by Monday night for dinners delivered on Tuesday.

At the end of every day we all need dinner on the table. And I look forward to cooking it for you.