Deeply grateful

Shared table

This weekend we brought all the Dinner on the Table staff and their families together to eat dinner, as opposed to cooking or delivering it! It was a chance to celebrate the successes of 2015 and to get excited about what 2016 will bring.  Dinners that you can share with your people (whomever they are) is what we're all about.  And so last night, 23 of us sat at one (extraordinarily long) table and shared dinner.

Once upon a time Dinner on the Table was brought to you by a team of one. The team has since grown exponentially. In the first instance, I am far less lonely. But more than that, I am deeply grateful for each of them.

This group of people are talented, skilled, adaptable, optimistic, experienced and enthusiastic. They care about families, particularly those impacted by disability. Together, we coordinate, cook and deliver your dinner each week because we truly believe that it changes your daily life... for the better. We are passionate about good food, and the power of bringing people together to change the way society thinks and acts.

Without each of them, Dinner on the Table would not be what it is. With them, I am excited about the year ahead!

The team are fed, and ready to get dinner on your table from this week. You'll find all the options here.

No matter the size of your table, at the end of every day we all need dinner on it. And we look forward to cooking it for you!