Today is a day for...

Coloured pencils on a white backgroundToday I reflected that throughout my working life, I have been most fortunate to have jobs that have required me to write. With my Dinner on the Table hat on, it is my joy and privilege to write these posts every week about the daily juggle that we all do.

But today is not a day for writing. Today my juggling act necessitates that I am wholly mum.  For my juniors, I'm the only person who can do that.

And what a great privilege it is.

Too many balls in the air? Let us take care of the meals. You gather the people, we'll bring the food. Delicious, healthy, family-style ready made meals delivered to your home.

Dinner on the Table is a Sydney caterer and social enterprise, gifting cooked meals to families living with disability. With every meal you buy and every event you invite us to cater, you are also helping vulnerable families by putting dinner on their tables.

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