The week before (the week before) Christmas...

Christmas tree

‘Twas the week before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a mouse.

Now here in the real world
We all know, of course,
That quiet in this week
Is a big load of horse….

No one is quiet
And no one is still
The activity’s frenzied
The car parks are full

There’s parties and concerts
And babe in the manger
Last minute announcements:
“I’m cast as the angel”

And so in an instant
With seconds to spare
You whip up a halo
And pin it in hair

You think that you’ve made it
'Til somebody asks,
"Could you conjure a gift-
For each kid in my class?"

So you battle the carpark
Your nerves almost shot
And perhaps you’d be patient
If it weren’t so damn hot!

You fly in at tea time
You might do your block
'Til you see on your doorstep
It's your dinner box

The dinner is sorted
It’s ready in time
You can sit yourself down
(And then open the wine!)

This was our mission
Throughout the year through
It has just been our pleasure
Cooking dinner for you.

We're not finished yet!
We are cooking next week!
For a look at the menu
Click here, take a peek.

(We'll be delivering the week after next too!)

Dinner on the Table will be taking a break over the Christmas/New Year period. Our last delivery will be Tuesday 22 December. We'll be back in the van on Tuesday 12 January.

Please contact me with queries, for lists of ingredients or for recipes.  Order by Friday night for dinners delivered the following Tuesday.