When one is not enough...

There are times in life when one is more than enough. Consider, just as a random hypothetical, the family driving holiday. All was going swimmingly until there was an extreme event in the back seat. In my experience this is oft followed by a series of questions: Did you have any inkling that was going to happen? Would it not have been a good idea to request that the vehicle be stationary so you could get out? And then, on considering the seven hour drive home, would we be wiser to park the car in the bush and torch it?

Once in a holiday, nay, once in a lifetime is really more than enough for that event.

There are other times when one is quite enough. Having one washing machine is enough. We once discovered that having two, while simultaneously possessing a laundry the size of a broom cupboard, becomes a liability. Again, this event preceded a number of questions: Do we smell? Are our clothes really dirty? Why do people keep giving us their washing machines?

And then there are those times when one just isn't enough. With the holidays ended, there was some gnashing of teeth when it was suggested to various persons present that it would be prudent to dress in a manner appropriate for institutional attendance.

It was perhaps fifteen minutes prior to the inaugural term three launch that one junior recipe tester heralded the happy news. "I've only got one shoe". At that point I had a lot of questions but started with the most supportive I could summons: "What do you mean you've only got one shoe?"

"I can't find the other one," came the less than adequate reply.

This constituted a serious, and unauthorised, deviation from launch sequence. As the search continued long past the point of intended blast off I asked a lot more questions, all of them amounting to much the same thing: "HOW CAN A PERSON HAVE ONLY ONE SHOE?"

The offending shoe was not located prior to the tardy launch. Right out of questions I resorted to instruction. "You're going to have to hop..."

If you're going to have to hop at sometime or other next week may I suggest next week's menu. As always, please contact me with queries or for recipes. You'll find lists of ingredients with each product description on the weekly menu for next week. We'll be updating all our products in the weeks to come. Thank you for your feedback. Please keep it coming; we're always listening.

AND, if you know that one is not enough and would like another Chicken & Leek Pie to raise much needed funds for Lifestart, we are running our special for another week. $5 from every pie purchased goes to Lifestart to support children and young people with disabilities and their families.

Order by Friday night for dinners delivered the following Tuesday.