The run on effect...

Picture of kids drink bottlesToday started much like most. In fact it wasn't until quite late in the day that I started to realise the run on effect of one small error.

Every single drink bottle I have ever purchased has made the same claim. Every single one lies. Contrary to the manufacturers delusion, not one is leak-proof. This we discovered when unpacking the preschool backpack. Fortunately, the bulk of the drink bottle contents had been soaked up by the spare clothes necessary for a day of early learning. The shorts, t-shirt and two pairs of undies I removed from the preschool premises weighed about 3.5 kilos.

I am generally forgetful, and so when I returned for preschool pickup I had put the drink bottle out of my mind. All the belongings were gathered up and replaced in the bag. Today's addition were a couple of artworks to make Picasso proud.

By the time we reached the car the flooding out of the drink bottle was causing the backpack to drip. With no clothes to soak it up, all that was left were the Picassos. The emptied drink bottle managed to reinvigorate the paint and smear it all over the inside of the bag.

Not to be outdone, we remedied this by lying the paintings out in the warm boot to dry. Problem solving on the fly we headed to swimming lessons. The final straw was when a pair of flippers were, not unreasonably, flung into the boot. I later found the flippers having a bath, trying to get the paint off.