The resources to keep up...

We all do the juggle to get things done. Every single day. Every single week. But sometimes the external demands far outweigh our capacity to keep up.

It started with a small recipe tester who, to all intents and purposes, was rendered unable to breathe properly. For this issue we quickly found the necessary expertise and assistance and are grateful for the excellent health care received at the nearest hospital. The small patient accepted all medical advice with a great deal of bravery and compliance and made a good recovery.

We then moved onto the spectacular death of a fridge. Well, it was spectacular only insofar as at the exact moment of its departure from this mortal coil, the television stopped. Apparently, the fridge has an electrical issue. The junior recipe testers happened to be watching the television at the time and began to howl in rambunctious tones. What followed involved a lot of hopping about, moving the contents of the dead fridge to a fridge less so. We have not yet found all the expertise required for this, but we're working on it.

But all of the energy expended on these issues pales to insignificance when compared to the distress caused by the preschool morning tea bag. The most junior recipe tester has just commenced preschool. He loves it. We love it. It's an all-round winner. Except for the small issue of morning tea.

Morning tea is placed in a paper bag. Check. The bag should be labelled with his name. Easy. But, like his peers, he cannot read his name. And so, rather than randomly choose from a pile of near identical paper bags, it is sensibly suggested that parents could draw a picture on the bag so that each child could identify his or her morning tea. Great idea.

There are some in my family who are excellent artists. I am not one of them. I have drawn suns that look more like Ninja Stars. I have drawn rockets that I dared not send to preschool such was the nature of what they looked like. I tried a rabbit. The senior recipe tester had the audacity to ask why it had boobies. I have recycled so many paper bags in the last few weeks, it would cause Green Peace to weep.

We are now forced to commence intensive training. I expect the junior will recognise his name any day now.