We're shortlisted... and so we're pitching...


I am not a baseballer. I went to the baseball once. It was the middle of summer in North America and it snowed. I spent as much time trying to work out what was going on as I did trying not to freeze to death.

But next week I'm pitching. Not, you'll be relieved to know, a baseball.

Dinner on the Table has been shortlisted to present to a panel of business and technology experts at the Social Entrepreneurship PitchFest.

This all came about because I wrote to them and told them about all of you. I told them we like to cook your dinner and how we thought that having your dinner cooked for you changes your daily life. I said that we thought having a good dinner done for you could make a really big impact on vulnerable families. "There are some good reasons," I mused, "to suggest that it might even help prevent painful family breakdown." We intend to find out if it does.

Anyhow, turns out they think it sounds good too and want to hear more about it.

So next week we've been invited to pitch. I've grown up being told by my three brothers that I have custard arms. I do rather wonder how this will go.

We're not letting all this go to our heads, mind you. We're still cooking your dinner next week.

Order by Friday night for dinners delivered the following Tuesday.