Spinach & Cheese Rolls (Frozen)

Spinach & Cheese Rolls (Frozen)


I could bore you with details of my anguish about trying to locate an appropriately sized individual pie tin for our mini Spinach & Cheese Pies. About how our supplier sent us a box in appropriately sized tins having run out of the usual ones. And my inability to recall the correct 5 digit product code, in amongst all the other product codes I must recall.

But I won't. I'll get a grip. And tell you that instead of making you an inappropriately sized individual spinach pie we made you an appropriately sized sausage roll.

That doesn't have any sausage in it.

Our spinach, ricotta and feta mix rolled in puff pastry, and ready to reheat in your oven. Dinner done in around half an hour.

We've boxed them up in packages of six or eight. For the teenagers in our lives we love, one will do an afternoon snack (which is why we wanted to give you a couple of extras).

Contains gluten and dairy. May contain traces of nuts and other allergens.

Ingredients: Spinach, ricotta, feta, puff pastry, parmesan, spring onions, parsley, pepper